EAG Helps Colleges & Universities
Realize Their Full Enrollment Potential

Increase International Enrollment

EAG’s international recruitment team has generated thousands of applications and enrolled hundreds of international students for our partner institutions. Boost your international enrollment, diversify your campus and increase tuition revenue with EAG.

Whether you are just embarking upon an international recruitment plan or have an impressive history of enrolling international students, EAG delivers results.

Increase International Enrollment with EAG.

Optimize Admissions Operations

An effective admissions operation is the pulse of a university’s lifeline. EAG creates admissions strategies and solutions that achieve enrollment goals.

From optimizing communication with prospective students to managing staff roles and streamlining the application process, EAG’s expertise will revamp your admissions operation.

Explore ways EAG can assist you with your Admissions operation.

Execute an
Enrollment Plan

U.S. colleges are facing significant challenges in meeting enrollment and revenue targets. EAG knows how to create an effective enrollment management plan that includes visibility, analytics and niche marketing.

Enrollment Planning with EAG can help strengthen your market position, maximize net revenue, and ensure your campus is on the right path to success.

Execute your best enrollment management plan with EAG.

Revitalize Campus Tours

A student’s campus visit transports them into your college’s community. Make every visit count. The campus tour — in-person or virtual — is the driving force that fuels enrollment. EAG will work with your Admissions team to develop a visitor strategy which maximizes engagement and improves yield.

Create a memorable visitor experience, from communication, visit and after-event follow-up. Share and show your vibrant student life in an unforgettable way.

Revitalize your campus visitor experience with EAG.

Maximize Slate CRM

Slate CRM is a comprehensive platform for admissions and enrollment management that was designed and developed exclusively for higher education. If your institution is a user of Slate and you are looking to optimize your CRM operations, EAG can work with your team to provide technical support and maximize your Slate functionality.

Whether you need to build campaigns, create analytic reports, or streamline communications with students, EAG will help you realize the full potential of Slate.

Maximize Slate with EAG.

Improve Search Yield

Are you purchasing names from list companies as part of your overall recruitment strategy?  Buying the right names, determining the best messaging, frequency and timing are all critical for executing a successful search strategy.

EAG’s proven track record in student search can provide your admissions team with the expertise to create, execute and track a successful campaign.

Improve your student search campaign. Learn how EAG can optimize your search results.