Cranston, R.I. – August 2022 – What an amazing journey we have been on for the last 5 years! When we co-founded Enrollment Advisory Group (EAG), we imagined it would be successful, but we had no idea where this journey would take us. After spending 30 years each in higher education leadership roles, we decided the time was right to venture out on our own. With the blessings of our families, we launched Enrollment Advisory Group in August 2017.

“Two months after starting EAG, I opened a fortune cookie which read, ‘you will soon fall into great wealth,’ and I was elated,” shared Ken. “In short order, I called Jeff to share the good news and promptly tucked the fortune into my wallet where it has remained ever since.” Not long after this, we came to realize while financial wealth is great, even better is the wealth of talent within our team. Our first two team members, Jeanne Rupinski and Pat VanWormer, were instrumental in forming the internal operation. They managed many projects early on and their commitment to digging in and getting work done has been unwavering.

By the end of our second year, EAG was retained by five colleges for the recruitment of international students. We developed customized recruitment plans and crucial to these partnerships was the expansion of our leadership and recruiters. We began to source individuals who were based in targeted countries and currently, our team spans nine countries (and many different time zones!). Our leadership team ensures their territories are developed and our recruiters share information and provide follow-up on behalf of our college partners.

In Spring 2020, when recruitment efforts were full steam ahead, the world came to a halt. We were both on recruiting trips overseas and made it back home, thinking this was a temporary hiccup in our visibility schedule. As we began to realize the gravity of the pandemic, we knew we had to shift priorities to ensure we met our obligations for our college partners. Without hesitation, our team jumped right into action, learning various virtual platforms, seeking out new recruitment opportunities and engaging students through the admissions process. We soon came to realize the ‘great wealth’ we had fallen into was having a fantastic team to weather the storm. Their strength and determination through an extremely challenging time period was remarkable.

Organizations measure success differently. Five years into our venture, we have expanded our team to 25, grown our client base, and enrolled nearly 1,600 undergraduate and graduate international students for our college partners. Yes, financial success is necessary to stay in business, but building the right team of individuals who are all moving magnetically north for the success of an organization is the greatest wealth an organization can achieve.

We are grateful for our team and everyone who has supported EAG through the last five years. We are especially appreciative not only to our college partners for instilling their faith in EAG, but to our agency partners who support our global recruitment efforts. For our five-year anniversary, we plan to open another fortune cookie to see what the next chapter holds for EAG!

About Enrollment Advisory Group

Enrollment Advisory Group was founded by Kenneth DiSaia and Jeffrey Greenip and provides global marketing and recruitment solutions for higher education, with a primary focus of assisting colleges and universities in accomplishing their enrollment objectives. Meet the EAG Team here.