CRANSTON, RI, November 2017 – The Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) in the United Arab Emirates executed a Letter of Award with the Enrollment Advisory Group – EAG. The Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) is Dubai’s premier tourism college, created to give theoretical knowledge and practical skills to their students that allows them to succeed.

The Dubai College of Tourism will be launching a new Emiratization initiative, as part of its ongoing efforts to encourage young UAE nationals to become part of Dubai’s rapidly expanding tourism industry. The recruitment, training and industry on-boarding programs aims to increase the number of Emiratis in tourist-facing roles by 2020. DCT will offer Certificate & Diploma programs in the following five areas: Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Retail Management, Events Management and Culinary Arts.

The Enrollment Advisory Group (EAG) is charged with building recruitment staffing models, international visibility plans, developing DCT’s marketing plan, building policy and procedures manuals, and integrating the SIS system into their admissions operations. Dr. Michael Petrillose, Academic Director at DCT shared, “We are on a very tight schedule to launch our academic programs in 2018 and we need a firm who has proven skills and could assist in executing our launch. Knowing the leadership at EAG and their past performances made it clear this was the organization that we needed as a partner.”

EAG team members have more than 175 years of combined experience in marketing, branding, communications and recruitment within higher education and other industries. Kenneth DiSaia, President of EAG stated that “EAG’s approach is to comprehensively assess domestic and international recruitment practices. Based on the assessments, we provide and can execute results-oriented solutions, allowing colleges to be more competitive in the marketplace while maximizing their return on investment.” Executive Vice President, Jeffrey Greenip, shared that “EAG was searching for the right international client to showcase our skills and the Dubai College was the ideal client.”

About Dubai College of Tourism

DCT is a vocational college emphasizing practical education in five faculty areas: Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Events and Culinary Arts. Its mission is to drive professional excellence by training students in line with international qualification standards to cultivate talent in the tourism sector with the skills, attributes and behaviors aligned to the unique Dubai brand.

About Enrollment Advisory Group

The Enrollment Advisory Group, was founded by Kenneth DiSaia, RI and Jeffrey Greenip, FL, and was formed to provide global marketing and recruitment solutions for higher education, with a primary focus of assisting colleges and universities in accomplishing their enrollment objectives.