EAG staff members have achieved many professional accomplishments in their higher education and corporate careers.

Particularly noteworthy are the following:

  • Maintained new student enrollment of nearly 5,000 students annually from 50 states and 90 countries.
  • Enrollment management of a multi-campus, multi-geographic university system that experienced exponential enrollment growth, including an annual enrollment of more than 2,000 international students.
  • Maintenance of an international student population at a regional university resulting in a top 100 ranking in IIE Open Doors  for all U.S. colleges and universities and 10th among master’s degree institutions.
  • Extensive experience with the cultivation of an international third-party recruitment system and the development of international partnerships with overseas colleges, universities and government agencies.
  • Received a Silver Anvil award by the Public Relations Society of America for the best “Integrated Communications Program” in the United States.
  • Higher Ed Marketing winner of merit and gold awards for web and print campaigns.
  • Awarded 2 bronze medals in CASE Excellence Awards.
  • Awarded silver medal in TV ad category in Collegiate Advertising Awards.
  • Merit and silver award winner by Education Digital Marketing Awards for social media campaigns.