EAG recently partnered with a medium-sized university on the east coast looking to streamline admissions operations and increase staff efficiency within the department. Communication with students and families needed assistance and the admissions process was not meeting timing benchmarks. The college was searching for ways to perfect their admissions process and offer students and families exemplary service.


Through extensive research, data analyzation, and on-campus sessions, EAG evaluated the client’s admissions operation.


  • Created an auto-decision admissions policy, allocating more time for Admissions Counselors to spend communicating with prospective students, families and educators.
  • Produced targeted communication campaigns by collecting and using relevant data.
  • Identified appropriate staff needs in relation to application workload.
  • Maximized the use of suspects and prospects in the client’s CRM.
  • Built analytic reporting to make data-driven decisions.
  • Designed processes to increase applicant yield to admits — while maintaining admissions standards and profile.
  • Modified transfer policy and implemented conditional acceptances and scholarship processes for international students.


EAG delivered a fresh admissions plan that increased communication and utilized the full capacity of the clients CRM.