Experts in College of Admissions

EAG knows admissions. The EAG team lives and breathes college admissions and our extreme dedication is our partners’ gain. EAG staff is filled with seasoned higher education professionals who have been in the field for decades. Our office includes many higher education award-winning employees and scholars in the world of college admissions.

The most powerful admissions teams are well trained, adequately staffed, and flush with essential resources and systems. EAG identifies the unique admissions needs of our partners to bolster their admissions processes. EAG will work with your staff to fully understand their roles and functions within Admissions operations – and will offer recommendations.

Students and parents have incredibly high and very different communication needs — and EAG connects with both through personalized, targeted and effective messaging. Through strategy and research, EAG determines prospective students’ needs in the admission funnel, identifying opportunities for improvement and providing solutions.

“I believe EAG’s in-depth knowledge of the international student market along with the service, training and support they provide their agent representatives will provide value to your organization as you continue to recruit students on behalf of UB.”

Mr. Lois Izzi, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Athletics

EAG offers data-driven, flexible and creative methods with a practical project-based approach – allowing partners to create an impactful admissions operation that meets the immediate needs of your college.


  • Admissions Standards Documentation
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Budget Assistance
  • Common Application Opportunities
  • Communication Campaigns
  • CRM and SIS
  • Developing and Documenting Applicant Workflows
  • Optimizing Staff and Operational Management
  • Recommending Improvements to Policies and Programs
  • Training
  • Yield activities