An Engaging College Tour Goes Beyond Admissions

EAG knows a student’s ultimate enrollment decision depends heavily on a positive tour experience. A good college tour is a vital tool that leads to enrollment, but many colleges need help.

College tours can be anxiety-inducing — for the students, parents and tour guides. It takes a lot of skill to walk backwards and recite insightful information about a college. The scripts, timing, information and tour guide personalities need to be as close to perfect as can be. EAG works with clients to take a fresh approach to communications and create smart, engaging and academic campus tours. Everyone at EAG keeps their fingers on higher education’s pulse. College visit trends come and go, but EAG understands the ways our partners can offer an exceptional visit experience.

“According to a 2019 CIRP report, 57% of more than 97,000 students polled from private universities indicated that a campus visit was a ‘very important’ factor in choosing their school.”


  • Types of events, frequency and participation levels
  • Communication campaigns and market segmentation
  • Campus tour program structure
  • Professional and student staffing
  • Budget resources and analytic reporting
  • Collaboration with non-Admissions departments
  • CRM/SIS system utilization

The goal of each college tour is to dazzle students and families with university triumphs. EAG will help you become many students’ last tour.

“Opening a new college comes with many challenges, and I selected EAG for this project knowing the team had a deep knowledge of admissions along with professional experience opening multiple college campuses”

M. Petrillose, Academic Director
Dubai College of Tourism, UAE