Reach your CRM’s Maximum Potential with EAG

CRMs are not new to the higher ed industry, but the way colleges continue to find creative ways to customize their CRMs is completely new…and necessary for success.

Colleges may use Slate to develop robust communication campaigns or analytic reporting, while others may only use the system to store applicant data. A CRM is an investment and it’s crucial for colleges to maximize their investment by using Slate to its utmost capability.

Let EAG help you use Slate to its fullest potential. Our team conducts an audit to understand how your institution is using Slate. We then identify opportunities for improvement.


In past engagements, EAG identified the following areas to increase functionality in Slate:

  • Analytics – Recommendations for analytic report templates to evaluate applicant benchmarks.
  • Admissions Operations – Advise admissions staff roles to maximum efficiency.
  • Admissions Process Audit – Conduct a mapping exercise to optimize Slate and increase processing efficiencies.
  • Admissions Recruiter Management – Refine territory management within Slate to optimize yield.
  • Targeted Communication Campaigns – Evaluate prospective student communications and recommend best practices.
  • Yield Management – Provide guidelines for prospective student outreach and recommendations for yield events.