Build a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan and Team

The American college system is drastically changing. U.S. colleges are facing enrollment and revenue challenges for a myriad of reasons. High school demographics, in many parts of the U.S., may continue to decline for years. According to a recent National Student Clearinghouse Research Center study, “This fall, there were nearly 164,000 fewer students enrolled in college than a year ago.”  Your college’s current enrollment management plan may not be as effective as it once was, and EAG will help you improve your operation.

At EAG, we analyze our clients’ enrollment plan and offer solutions. It’s our goal to help you attain optimum and maximum enrollment. EAG works with colleges to share methods for strengthening marketing and recruitment plans, including an evaluation of goals, strategies and monitoring procedures. Plans are fluid to allow the Admissions team to develop contingency plans as necessary during the recruiting year.

The right enrollment management plan will guide a college in recruiting quality students and retaining them throughout their education – right until graduation. EAG shows colleges how to develop a plan by integrating university operations – recruitment, retention, marketing, academics – to support the university’s mission, vision and strategic plan.


  • Methods for establishing a comprehensive marketing and recruitment plan with goals, strategies, tactics, monitoring procedures and contingency planning
  • Utilizing analytics to monitor progress of strategies
  • Determining optimum average recruiting cost through a budgeting and spending analysis
  • Building a visibility schedule to ensure maximum exposure in market
  • Niche-market recruitment such as alumni/legacy recruitment, transfer recruitment, and vocational student organization recruitment
  • Establishment of Enrollment Management Team (EMT) consisting of members from cross-functional departments
  • Identifying roles, responsibilities and authority of EMT members to make decisions related to recruitment and discounting