With the rapid proliferation of organic and third-party marketing options, many institutions are challenged with maximizing their marketing and promotion budget, while extending reach to ever new and wider audiences.

There is a huge spectrum of tactics that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing including IP targeting, geo-fencing and mobile footprinting. A successful digital strategy requires a clear picture of how each tactic will support an institution’s goals.

EAG will analyze your existing targets, strategies and budget, and work with you to develop a more comprehensive approach to segmented communications, advertising, search campaigns, and social media.

Here are some ways we can help you optimize your marketing and communications resources:

Is your marketing plan positioned for success?

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Communications Assessment

We’ll first take the time to understand your existing communication plan and then provide concrete recommendations, by audience group – including search, inquiries, applicants, deposits, parents, educators, international students and other key audiences.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing professionals have years of experience with businesses of all kinds, from Fortune 500 companies and small non-profits to Ivy League universities and small liberal arts colleges. We’ll collaborate with you to maximize your allocated budget to target specific audiences with any mix of tactics ranging from IP targeting to geo-fencing. We can consistently refine and improve your digital marketing efforts through a proven combination of tactics that can be measured and constantly maximized.

Social Media

Social media shouldn’t be a mystery or institutional burden. Every college and university needs a solid and constant stream of relevant, engaging content. We’ll help you break through the clutter and show you how you can develop and maintain an ongoing, strategic social media presence, including measurement techniques to enhance your efforts.