A Student Search Strategy that Works

Colleges dedicate resources to purchase the names of prospective high-school students from the College Board, ACT and NRCCUA. However, many colleges are not using this data to its fullest potential. When student search is conducted well, it helps achieve maximum yield.  Many colleges need to rebuild their yield prediction models and search categories, and EAG can help.

EAG offers decades of experience in executing search campaigns, with skills in selecting the right students, creating a strong return on investment, and using analytics to drive decisions. This success was based on years of market penetration within defined markets and resulted in a well-balanced marketing and recruitment plan including field recruiter visibility, a robust campus visitation program, and a strong operations system.

A student search strategy also involves a clear understanding of messaging. Creating dynamic communications, with a smart blend of creativity and frequency, is important. EAG knows that colleges need to consider building brand awareness early — for prospective students and their parents.


To help colleges with student search, EAG will meet with Admissions leadership to review historical data and communication campaigns through the prospect, inquiry, and application stages. After a thorough and collaborative review, EAG will make student search recommendations to improve yield, including:

  • Analytics: reporting templates for both current and historical data
  • Campaign Development: audience, communication channels, frequency, and timing of digital and print communications
  • Campaign Messaging: message topics, calls-to-action, design, snappy headlines, eye-grabbing captions, and meaningful content
  • Name Purchasing: list sources, states, majors, score ranges and student types